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    We answer all your questions.We speak your language. Read more


    We added the app to our technology to give you Read more


    You should K-I-S-S. This phrase mans "Keep It Simple Sir!" Read more


    Convenient service with guaranteed low prices. Read more

    White Label

    This business-tobusiness (B2B) program uses an intermediary Read more

    Affiliate Program

    Affiliate marketing is a program where the producer, publisher,Read more

    Certified Payroll

    Special type of weekly payroll reports used by contractors Read more

    Digital Time Tracking

    View the location they check in/out (GPS Technology) Read more

    Nanny Payroll

    You responsible for some taxes to be paid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)Read more

    Payroll Processing

    The task of paying your workers or employees. Payroll is also the set of different type of reports Read more

    Outside Payment 1099

    Determining Whether the Individuals Providing Services Read more


    Video that how to series and payroll information Read more

    Worker's Compensation

    By law, you should have workers’ compensation insurance Read more


    E-Verify is a web-based system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility Read more

    Direct Deposit

    A Direct Deposit, which is a transfer of funds directly in to your employees Read more

    Taxes EFTPS

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    In my opinion, the best testimonials are experience, Read more

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