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We Like “KISS

When I was in college in 1983, my professor said, “If you want to be successful in your business, you should “K-I-S-S”. This phrase means “Keep It Simple Sir”.

At Green60 we have over 32 years of experience managing and processing businesses payroll. During these years we were exposed to different payroll reports, and also talked to the business owners about their experience with their payroll processing companies. On some occasions they were not even able to retrieve or read the reports. For the employee to request W2, they have to wait hours on hold and wait two weeks to receive the simple W2’. With all that in mind, we have created “” payroll. It is very simple, user friendly and powerful.

To have access to your portal at , you only need to memorize your unique “username” and “password”. All payroll reports are at your fingertips. You may print, forward, or even save them on your computer. Reports such as employee’s hours reported payroll register, pay stubs, quarterly and year-to-date reports, year-end reports, tax liability, federal and state quarterly and annual reports, W2s and W3s. Not to mention our responsible and best customer service. We are proud and thankful to our team members for all their contribution and providing such great customer service.

One of the greatest and most advantages of our system is, we never purge or delete your records even if you close your business or stop working with us. That is one of the qualities that separates us from other payroll companies.

For more information, please contact us at (844)473-3660.