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If you are Business Owner and have employees, you need to pay them promptly for the time they’ve worked. There are ways to pay to them:Direct Deposit, which is a transfer of funds directly in to your employees account by the third part,  “DIRECT DEPOSIT” is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to pay to your employees. 

Pay by Paper Check

Paper check is a very common way of payment. With new technology in the world of Banking, such as Mobile Banking, your employee can deposit the check to their account.  Paper check is the best way of payment. It is a convenience for employees as well, since some employees allocate one of their paychecks for some monthly payment such as rent, credit cards or car payments. 

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is another way of payment to your employee’s. Direct Deposit is very convenient for both employee and employer. They should not drive to the Bank; wait on the line to deposit the paper check. In order to set up the direct deposit application should be completed, sent for credit verification and whole 9 yard processing and it is time consuming.