Green60’s Mission Is to Save You Money While Helping to Save Our Environment

Our mission is to provide each of our clients with an environmentally-safe, paperless Payroll Service that is customized to their individual needs and combines human innovation with advanced technology to result in speed, accuracy, and 100% security. Our cutting-edge, tailored payroll service typically provides our clients with a 60% cost saving over standard payroll processing methods.

The Green60 digital Payroll Processing Services is owned by Serrano Court Properties and licensed to Green60 Payroll Services, a California corporation located in Newport Beach. Green60 is backed by the President Sohrab Rowshan, MBA, who has well over two decades of experience in Payroll. Our company provides payroll services for small, medium, and large businesses. Our Payroll Processing capabilities include fulfilling all of your business’s tax and compliance needs.

For your convenience is accessible from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The “Green” in refers to paperless, eco-friendly Payroll Processing. The “60” refers to the typically 60-minutes or less it takes to produce Payroll Checks from start to finish. Even “.com”, which normally refers to a commercial website, also refers to the combination of technology and human care, coming together to serve you better without sacrificing the superior customer service we have always been known for.

Green60 is a Payroll system designed for ease of use and tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs. Green60 values its clients and their needs above all else. Everything we do is predicated on service – making sure our clients are more than merely “satisfied” with each project. We are always glad to offer you a Free Consultation. What’s more, if you like what you hear we’ll let you try Green60 risk-free for a month at no charge or obligation to you.

Imagine a “digital messenger” coming to your office to pick up Employee Hours and delivering them for processing. The necessary reports and pay checks are then delivered back to your office at the speed of light. No more reports to physically store. No more waiting for your Payroll Checks to be delivered since you can print checks on your desktop.

It’s all there on your office PC. You can save or print the reports, forward them, or simply leave them in our database for future reference.

There are various reasons why you should select us as your Payroll Service. Green60 benefits include speed, economy, security and simplicity:


    Typically, in less than 60 minutes, your payroll checks are ready to be printed, signed and delivered to your employees – or deposited directly into their accounts.


    Green60 offers a 60% cost saving over standard payroll processing methods.


    Only personnel authorized by you can access your payroll data.


    Your entire payroll can be completed online. You don’t have to deal with the hassles that come with pickup and delivery of paperwork, and you have no deadlines to meet.

Right from the start, impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to the problem of payroll. By partnering with, we have been able to consistently minimize our costs and time losses.

Green60 gives you quick access to all past and present payroll reports. These reports are just a click away. For your convenience, your payroll can be processed weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. If you need help, just call our toll free number (866) 840-3400, and speak with a customer service representative.

Check out how simple the Green60 process is: 
A – Enter your username and password.
B – Submit your staff hours into the system.
C – Then view details of each employee’s hours, earnings and paycheck, year-to-date and quarter-to-date for taxes.

Finally, verify the check or direct deposit amount and Print payroll checks on your desktop printer or Click the approval button to verify the direct deposit amount. It’s easier than 1-2-3!

We recommend that you open a separate bank account for your Payroll Processing – an account that would handle only Payroll Processing and related tax and withholding transactions. This would help eliminate potential fraud and give you more control over your Payroll.

Our services include multi-level security from your interface to ours. We make sure that outside access to your account is impossible. We do not share any of your data or your Employee. When we assign a username and password for your account, this is unchangeable unless we hear from you directly. We also hide all private information, such as social security numbers, so these numbers cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Our Payroll Processing software is advanced, sophisticated, highly specialized and secure. Any changes to the status of your Employee Green60 processes Payroll on specialized software that is entirely separate from the software used for our other website services. Separate servers and software assure you of high-tech security and privacy. We have professionals monitoring the process, and you may call and talk to them during normal business hours.

Our paperless Payroll Service is absolutely secure. There are no paper reports to be misfiled, lost or stolen. Our entirely digital process uses no natural resources and produces no waste, making it environmentally responsible and space saving.

Our paperless Payroll Service lets you . . .

  • Sign up easily.

  • Access your statements anytime, from anywhere.

  • Keep all your statements in one organized place.

  • Print your statements and confirmations only when you need paper copies.

What’s more, it’s healthy for the environment as well as for your bank account.

Try Our Payroll Processing Services at No Charge for 30 Days

We are always glad to offer you a Free Consultation. Just call 866-840-3400. Or, simply hit the button below and you’ll be on your way for a risk-free one month trial at no charge or obligation to you.