Green60 Self-Service Payroll

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Affiliate marketing is a powerful program where the producer, publisher, and client join together to succeed in business. The publisher confidently markets the Producer’s exceptional Payroll Services to their clients with great success

By promoting the publisher’s distinguished services through various channels, they earn a commission based on their outstanding performance. This commission is calculated based on the program’s total sign-ups through the website or by phone, which both Producer and publisher know they can easily access to achieve great results.


The provider is the person or company offering payroll processing services. For optimal results, they may provide training classes for the publisher to understand their services and possibly offer training for the client. We will provide special materials such as labor law posters with publisher information. The provider will pay the publisher a monthly commission based on the table and terms and conditions provided. Providers will make every effort to sign up clients referred by the publisher.


A publisher could be an entity, corporation, or individual promoting the producer’s services. They can offer services to their clients by any legal means, such as blogs, social media, and YouTube. Publishers cannot modify the services provided but can communicate recommendations to the producer. They cannot sign a contract with a client other than the service the producer offers. The publisher is entitled to receive a commission based on the table and payment schedule. The publisher can offer any other services to clients. The publisher may disclose their relationship with the publisher, in this case, “” The producer will have a promotion code that identifies the publisher, and the client will enter it into the system or provide their name to the producer.


Clients may be entities, corporations, or individuals who have employees and pay them on a weekly, biweekly, semi-weekly, monthly, or even annual basis. They can sign up with “” payroll, report their employees’ hours or salaries, and have them processed and uploaded to the system for viewing. Clients will be charged based on the price list.


Due to the relationship between the publisher and the client, the publisher is not liable unless they deliberately modify their service. The producer will protect the publisher from any wrongdoing by the client during payroll processing or tax payment. The publisher is entitled to receive a commission according to the payment schedule. Affiliate programs are ideal for those who prefer not to work a 9-5 desk job. They have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, a publisher’s marketing efforts could still generate income even while on vacation or away from work.


Payments for the Publisher, as outlined below,

  1. After the client processes four pay cycles with’s payroll service, the Publisher will receive a onetime payment of $300 to $450 based on the number of clients the Publisher refers in a month. This is outlined below:
  • a. 1-10 clients $300.00
  • b. 11-20 clients $350.00
  • c. 21-30 clients $400.00
  • d. Over 31 client $450.00

The amounts are tiered, for example if the Publisher signs up five clients they will receive $1500 (5X$300), if they refer 15 clients they will receive a total of $4750 which consists of 10 clients at $300 and the remaining 5 at $350. This will only increase with the amount of clients the Producer refers.