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Affiliate marketing is a program where the producer, publisher, and client connect and start together to do business…  In this program, the publisher will market the Producer’s service (in this case Payroll Services) to his clients. By promoting the publisher’s service to his clients by any means, he earns a commission based on the schedule of payments. The commission will be calculated based on the total sign-ups for the program through the website, or by phone which both Producer and publisher have access to.


The producer is the person or company who offers the service in this case payroll processing services. For better results, the producer will have some training classes for the publisher to learn what they are offering to their client. There might be some training for the client as well. We will offer special materials, such as labor law posters with publisher information. The producer will pay the publisher a commission on a monthly basis based on the table and terms and conditions provided. Producers will try their best to sign up the clients which are referred by the publisher. 



A publisher could be an entity, corporation, or even an individual promoting the producer’s services. They can offer services to their clients by any legal means, such as blogs, social media, and YouTube. Publishers cannot make any modification to the services provided but can communicate with the producer about their recommendation. They cannot sign any contract with a client other than the service the producer is offering. The publisher is entitled to receiving commission based on the table and schedule of payments. The publisher can offer any other service to clients. The publisher may disclose his relationship with the publisher in this case “”. The producer will have a promotion code that identifies the publisher in which the client will enter into the system or gives their names to the producer. 


Clients might be an entity, corporation, or individual who has an employee and pays them on the weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, monthly or even annually. They will sign up with “” payroll and report their employee hours or salary. It will get processed and uploaded to the system for the client to view. The client will be charged based on the price list.


Because of the any relationship between publisher and client, there will not be any liability for the publisher unless publisher goes out of their way to modify the service they are offering. The producer will keep the publisher free of any wrongdoing in the process of their client’s processing the payroll or paying the taxes. The publisher is entitled to his commission based on the schedule of payments. Affiliate program is good for people who do not want to work a desk job from 8 to 5. They are free and can work anytime and anywhere. In most cases, the marketing effort is working for the publisher even when he is on vacation or otherwise away from work.

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