White Label in Service Business means, Service is provided by a large company which is not known to the end user. This is a B2B Program (Business to Business) . There is a middle man who would like to offer his/her service under his/her own branding to his/her clients.
The year 2022 brought us a new way of doing business. “Using other products under your own known brand’. The technology to do that task is very expensive and needs talented people, capital, time and staff to manage it. Not to forget the cost of keeping it up to date, it is another factor.

Most offices, to keep their clients, would like to offer payroll services. The cost of software, employees and liability keeps them away from this easy income generating sector of services. Offices such as Accountants, CPA office, Insurance, Financial offices and staffing agencies are the best industries who can use “White Label” for their payroll services. Now, with our unique “White Label” technology, it is possible. We are the first payroll process company who offers “WHITE LABEL” in the payroll industry.


More than 90% of the products in the market are “White Labels”. We are the first company in the nation who offers “WHITE LABEL” payroll services to all the sectors of business. We have the technology, and staff to handle the large amount of jobs and are able to take all the responsibility from your shoulder.
We act as one of your staff but with no employee expenses and no desk at your office. We are specialized in this field; we take all the responsibility of filing quarterly taxes and pay all the applicable taxes from your shoulders. All you have to do is, add “PAYROLL “ Icon on your website with the link to your landing page which has all your information on it.

You will have “Administrator” password that gives you access to see all your client’s reports. Each of your clients will have their own “user name” and “password” which gives them access to the portal and database. We do all the work and upload the reports to the portal. They do not see us. They do not know who we are or how much we charge you. You are the point of contact, we charge you based on our price and you mark it and charge your client. We generate the withdrawal of applicable taxes. The Government agencies will take taxes using the EFTPS system from your client’s account. That’s simple.

Advantage of WHITE LABEL

1.  You may advertise to your clients payroll services as part of your services and charge them for a flat fee without you doing any of the work.
2.  You use other technology without you even knowing how it works.
3. No additional staff required to offer such a service
4. No additional office, furniture, computer is required
5. No Upfront Cost or equipment needed
6.  No Programmer, Developer needed to update the software
7. Different income rate fields are available at no cost. needed.
8. We can answer any question your clients may have
9. There is a separate phone number you can give to your client for any question they may have or you can collect them and send them to us.
10. You promote your own brand at no cost
11. In most cases we may order the current “LABOR LAW POSTER” with your information on it.
12. We provide you and your client the “Manual” under you brand
13. We may offer a “Digital Employee Time Tracking System” under your brand name (additional charge may apply).14. We build a landing page for you with your information and logos. When your client clicks on Payroll Icon on your website, Syste

m will forward them to the landing page with all your information. The system will skip the front end of our website which contains all of our information.
15. We take care of all the communication from Government agencies
16. We take care of the workers compensation for your clients
17. Our system has the ability to deduct any Insurance payment, Garnishment, and PTO, 401K deductions.18. Live staff between 8.00 to 6.00 PST.
19. Offer “CERTIFIED PAYROLL” for the contractors
20. Nanny and household employees.

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