“ePAYcomp” by Green60.com

Cloud-Based Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation

Green60 Payroll Processing has partnered with The Hartford Insurance Companyas an approved payroll processingservice. We are proudly using “XactPAY,”The Hartford’sintegrated workers’ compensation payment service that automatically processes your workers’ compensationinsurance premiums each time your payroll is completed. This allows your company to have a pay-as-you-go billing method to cover your insurance premiums for just the current pay period, rather than the traditional periodic lump sum estimated payments.

Green 60 Payroll Processingcreated the software “ePAYcomp,” the latest technology to communicate with The Hartford’s “XactPAY” system to seamlessly transmit payroll information after each payroll is processed.“ePAYcomp” is a very complete and advanced technology designed by SohrabRowshan, M.B.A. and programmed by expert software engineers to become one of the best amongst few competitors in the market.

“XactPAY” and “ePAYcomp” offer a truly unique and hassle free approach to paying your workers’ compensation insurance. Rather than paying for insurance up to a year in advance and tying up vital cash, premiums are paid as you go—one payroll period at a time!

Reasons to switch to pay-as-you-go:

  1. Eliminate large advance payments:
    Typically, workers’ compensation plans require that you estimate your payroll for the entire year, which is then used to calculate your premium. You are then required to pay a large portion of this premium up front.When you use “ePAYcomp,” there is no lump-sum payment at all. Your workers’ compensation will be paid the day after you run your payroll, and is always based on the actual payroll and proper worker classification codes.
  2. Optimize your company’s cash flow:
    Paying a lump sum can be very difficult for a business of any size, as it ties up funds that could be used for more pressing business needs. Putting cash towards advance payments is not the best use of your money.“ePAYcomp” combined with “XactPAY” make it possible for you to just pay a dramatically reduced portion of a premium. You only pay compensation coverage for the actual hours your employees worked within just the current payroll period. This allows you to completely avoid any lump sum payments. After The Hartford receives your current payroll information from Green60, they will withdraw that period’s compensation premium from your company’s designated checking account via an electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  3. Reduce time, effort and cost ofyearly audits:
    Insurance carriers require an audit of your company records to ensure the accuracy of the payroll figures and classification used to generate your policy. In addition, most accountants charge their client for assisting with this audit. The audit process in some cases can consume many hours of in-house staff time.Companies utilizing “ePAYcomp”could see their audit process time reduced to one-tenth of the time, or even eliminating the whole audit in most cases. Because their actual payroll information has been transmitted to The Hartford with each payperiod, the amount of time required to perform the audit is dramatically reduced.
  4. Avoid possible surprise after-audit bills:
    Nobody likes having to deal with expense that is unplanned. One result of your audit could lead to your company having to pay additional premiums. This may happen due to a miscalculation of the year ahead payroll, failure to adjust your workers’ compensation premium payments if any of your employee’s compensation class codes changed, and failure to realize that using contractors or sub-contractors that do not have their own workers’ compensation coverage will result in your having to cover them for the entire duration of time they worked at your site.Using “ePAYcomp” will help you avoid most of these issues, or at minimum reduce their impact. This is because inconsistencies of the nature listed above will be highlighted by the system within days of a non-conforming event, allowing you to immediately adjust to these changes rather than have them accumulate over time.

How it works.

  • Each time you run your payroll though Green60, we will send your payroll data to The Hartford.
  • Their “XactPAY” system will calculate the workers’ compensation premium for that period based on the payroll processed.
  • The Hartford then draws the premium payment for your workers’ compensation policy from your account (via EFT) based on your actual payroll data for the applicable period.
  • If you elect, The Hartford will provide notice to you of the amount and timing of each expected withdrawal from your bank account.
  • A detailed summary of payroll entered and premium collected will be available to you on our secure website.

Checklist for gettingstarted (for business owners):

  1. Have an existing workers’ compensation policy from The Hartford, or apply for one.
  2. Notify your agent that you wish to participate in the Green60/Hartford pay-as-you-go program.
  3. Have a checking account with EFT capabilities.
  4. Enroll in Green60’s cloudbased payroll program and agree to consistently run payrolls on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.).
  5. Inform Green60 that you wish to participate in this program.Online request form

For insurance agents or brokers:

To enable your workers’ compensation customers to participate in the Green60/Hartford pay-as-you-go program, simply give us a call, send us an email at Rob@Green60.com, or fill out our online agent request form.


Please refer to www.ePAYcom.com for updated information.


Selling workers’ compensation coverage or any insurance products requires a licensed agent. Green60.com and its affiliates are not licensed or authorized to sell any insurance products. To participate with Green60.com’s “ePAYcomp” program please call us we will put you in touch with Hartford licensed insurance agent.