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No. Even though you are welcome to call and inform us of this information over the phone, our staff must always have a record in writing of any payroll directives. Just follow the same procedure as you would to submit your original payroll request, and add the missing employee’s hours along with a note in the comment field. We will make a priority adjustment.

No. Should you have any changes to make to your original payroll after you have submitted to, please call our staff as soon as possible so we can advise you on what steps to take in order to make the changes you need.After logging into, go to “Your Options” and click on “Employee Changes”. This screen will allow you to add, terminate, and/or make any necessary employment changes.In order for a new employee to be set up in, please make sure to have the employee’s FIRST and LAST name, along with their social security number. Please note, even though you may have a new employee set up in, no payroll will be processed (for this new employee), without submission of a completed W-4.

No. Mandated by the state of California, all employers must have a completed W-4 and I-9 from their employee(s), on file, in order for any payroll to be processed. (Note: It is necessary for a W-4 to be submitted when your company would like to process payroll for any new employee(s) and/or claim changes for your current employee(s)Once logged into go to Your Options and then click on FORM W-4 / I-9 where you are able to download, print, save, etcClick on Add, next to My Payrolls, located to the left. Simply input the number of hours for each employee. If you have any additional comments and/or instructions relating to one of the employee(s), you may add it in the field to the far right of their name, entitled Note, or you can add it in the Message field at the bottom. Once you have completed entering the employee(s) hours, input the corresponding check number in the Check Number field, which should match the checks you will be printing and distributing to your employee(s). Finally, input the accurate Pay Date, Starting Date, and Ending Date for this particular pay period and click on Submit. No greater than one hour. Should your payroll not be viewable after one hour please call and our staff will tend to this immediately.

Yes. Just submit your company’s payroll through and our staff will provide your company with pre-formatted paystubs, which will have the payroll taxes taken out for you, resulting in a net amount. Just transcribe the net amount onto a hand-written check, attach the paystub, and then hand them out to your employees. (Note: Should your company be hand-writing too many checks, please inquire about ordering Laser-Jet; preformatted checks with your company’s letterhead so with two clicks you can view your payroll and then print!)The sections entitled Comment (located on the bottom left) and/or Note (located on the far right) will give you more than enough room for additional instructions. You may call us anytime should you prefer to relay this information over the phone. (Note: Our staff must always have a record, in writing, of any payroll directives.)Our staff has not added this employee to your company’s Employee section due to some missing information (i.e. w-4, SS#, filing status, etc.). Please make sure to always provide a completed w-4 for all new hires and/or employee status changes prior to submitting your payroll.Along with your payroll documents (i.e. paystubs, payroll register, tax liability, etc.), may also provide your company’s Quarterly and Annual reports, along with each employee(s)’ w-2’s and journal entries.Please let us know if there is a payroll report your company needs customized/formatted, and we would be more than happy to generate such document and provide along with your other payroll reports.Should you come across N/A on, this means your payroll is Not Available. Please allow 60 minutes from the time you have submitted your payroll to the time your payroll has been processed and uploaded to the After the one hour, your payroll should be uploaded and the N/A should turn to View, where you will be able to click and open each report. In addition, you should receive an automated email and/or text message stating Your Company’s Payroll Has Been Processed. Should the one hour lapse and your company’s payroll status remains N/A, please give us a call and we will immediately resolve this matter over the will allow you to access your company’s payroll records from as far back as when you initially signed up and your first payroll was processed. Under My Payrolls, simply filter the year by entering in the time period under Display by Year, and click on Submit.Determine whether this payroll problem occurred before or after started processing payroll for your company. Should your company need to adjust its payroll records after, please contact our staff and we will attend to this matter promptly. Prior to, our staff will take all measures to resolve this matter on your behalf by contacting the previous payroll company.Have you forgotten your username? Have you entered your password incorrectly, too many times and now has locked you out? Not to worry. Just give us a call and our staff will provide you with your accurate log-in information and/or reset your password. (Note: Our staff will only release this information to the designated person(s) that has listed as your payroll contact representative, for your company.)After logging into, simply go to Your Options and click on Edit Company Info. From there you may update all of your company’s information. Please click on Employee Changes, should you have any updates on your current and/or New Employee Requests and/or Employee Termination Requests.Please go to Your Options and simply click on Quarterly Reports and/or Yearly Reports. Should you like to retrieve your employee(s)’ w-2’s, click on Yearly Reports, enter in the year in which you are inquiring, and then click on w-2. Please enter your company’s pass code and from that point you will be able to view, save, print, etc., for each report.Not a problem and definitely nothing to be concerned about. Just give our staff a call and we would be more than happy to assist. Should you like to speed up the process, go ahead and fax a copy of this notice to 949-863-9873 and then call us to make sure we received your fax. We can then be able to view what you have received and go over this notice on the phone.Indefinitely, unlike other payroll processing companies that will cut your viewing privilege off at the time of your service. With you may end your company’s terms of service but any payroll we have processed will remain active and accessible for viewing through All you will need is your log-in information. Should you happen to misplace your log-in information in the future, just answer some security questions to identify your company and our staff will be more than happy to reset this information for you.Has your question not been answered in this section? Not a problem. Give our staff a call and we will be more than happy to assist you. We have a representative standing by ready to take your call. (Note: Our staff’s hours of operations are Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm, PST.) You may also utilize Payroll Forum, under Your Options, and/or emailing us directly at

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