An Employee Handbook is a manual given to employees when they are hired. It contains company policies and procedures. This is a good place to bring together information that an employee needs to know such as holiday arrangements, company rules and disciplinary and grievance procedures. It is also a useful source of information for new staff as part of the induction process. A written handbook gives clear advice to Employees and creates a culture where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently. Specific areas that the employee handbook may address are

  • A welcome statement

  • Orientation procedures

  • Definitions of full and part-time employment and the benefits associated with each class

  • Guidelines for employee performance reviews

  • Policies for promotion or demotion

  • Policies for handling on the job accidents

A big reason to have an Employee Handbook is to avoid possible litigation. We at give you the best tools to protect you and your business. We offer you Free Employee Handbooks. These cover most of the issues that employers need employees to know. It is customized to your industry. We recommend if you need more detail that you consult an attorney and we can refer you to our attorney. Please read it carefully and consult your attorney if you have any questions.

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