3 keys to super fast payroll processing

Payroll can be so confusing!  Ugggg!  Well that is the only sound I can think of when trying to figure out how much we keep, how much we give, and what is owed. But Payroll shouldn’t be something that discourages you. Listen, business is at hand and fulfill the company goals and vision need to…

Online Payroll Processing

Time Cards or Time Machines?

Business owners value their time. There are many things that will pull us away from the things that are most important… reaching new clients and customers with our product or service. It is vitally important that business owners protect their time from things that can pull them away from their main objective. One key “time…


Lead or Administrate?

Business owners will always have work to do. In fact the workload will continue to come to your desk. If you don’t push it into the right direction it will build up, consume your mind, and keep you from working on things to help you business grow. As a small business owner it may be…