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Service should be the highest priority of any business. Serving starts from the top down… or bottom up! When a leader takes a serving role to their team the team will become a service oriented tool to bring in new clients. I once heard a story of a business order that said “all my employees look sad, they don’t look happy, and they don’t seem to treat customers as I desire. A fellow business man said, in private, perhaps it’s the way you are treating them.”  You see one of the greatest ways we can be a productive team is to take the “I” out of “Team.”  A great team who is excited about their company will do greater things and achieve more. Here are a few things you can do to help your team.

  1. Include them = Let them be contributors. What people contribute to will also cause them to fight for. Give them a chance to share other ideas and ways to expand the business.
  2. Honor them = Once a month or every other month have a time to appreciate those who work for you. Have a Pizza Partly over lunch and give hang a certificate of appreciation on the wall of those who are achieving.
  3. Reward them = People respond better to rewards than reprimand. Give them something to reach for and they will do better as employees. You can also extend their lunch break and pay the cost for it.

Green60 has some great Human Resource material to help you grow your business.


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