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Today many hire outside sources to help in their marketing efforts while in house their employees lack morale, motivation and clear objectives. One way to cause your company to become a smooth running… motivated sales team is to make the workplace a visionary dream wonderland. Before you check out take a moment and consider what I’m saying and think about it for a moment.  Would employees rather go to work at a boring environment or an environment filled with teamwork, motivation, incentives and excitement?  Well, I think that should answer itself. Being in business is not an easy endeavor but what can make it a force that moves mountains can be summed up in two words… “The Atmosphere.”  In other words… an atmosphere of excitement, vision, and hope can fuel the growth of any company. Today there is a lot of talk about internet marketing, sales pitches and monitoring employees for productivity but little talk about developing the “right atmosphere” for motivating your employee team to grow your company.

Here are 3 Team Building Ideas To Increase Motivation and Sales:

  1. Simplify the vision

    • A vision can either unite people or divide people. A vision can either excite people or depress people. A vision can either lift people or lower people. For so many business vision is either abstract or filed away in some drawer. I once talked to a business owner and asked their what their vision is. They began to talk for about 5 minutes defining all the aspects of their all encompassing vision. When they were done I felt truly confused because the vision was not simple and clear.  Clients and customers care less about all the intricacies of the vision of your company. What they care about is how your company can help their specific need. This is why the vision must be simple and explained within 1 sentence. Do this test. Ask your employees what the vision of your company is. If they have a hard time explaining it then your customers will also have a hard time receiving it.  Simplify your vision.
  2. Simplify processes

    • At one company i worked for I asked the employees what the prices were for a particular service. Each of them literally had a different number. I then asked “how do we take orders and what is the process for that?” Again, each one had a different answer. You will be surprised what employees believe about your company and  how things should be done. This is why it is important to simplify the process so all employees are “on the same page.” Make the processes as simple as possible… don’t make too many the “clicks” on your website… shorten the words when explaining something to as few as possible. Remember the slogan of McDonald’s?  “Have it your way.” That was as simple as it gets. You can order a burger how you like it. Most people will not stand in line for something they don’t want. If a businesses processes are too long, confusing, or outdated people will not want to stand in that line to receive services or products from that business.
  3. Charge the atmosphere

    • At minimum businesses should have at least one “atmosphere changing” meeting a week where they share the vision, reward the workers, and simplifying the processes. Businesses that create an exciting environment have a greater reach to their clients and increase sales exponentially. Some ways to charge the atmosphere is to brainstorm new ideas to reach new people. Talk about what works and doesn’t work. Correct processes that are confusing.

–your green60 team

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