The definition of payroll is fairly straight forward. If you have employees, you must pay them, but doing payroll can be a time consuming process. You need to calculate hours and figure out the taxes correctly, and it all has to be accurate and on time.

As a business owner, your time is better spent growing your business (in what your are expert in) and not allocating time and resources to a task that you can outsource for less than you can do it in-house. Federal and State laws change rapidly; keeping up with these rules is a time consuming, and in most case is not worth it. More importantly, if your business payroll is not done correctly and on a timely manner, the penalty and interest are big killers for the business. For the nominal amount of $19.99, you can hire to process and file your payroll correctly and on time. Green60 have more than 25 years of experience processing payroll. We also offer a guaranty for any tax liability arises from our end; we take full responsibility. Although some companies purchase payroll software to take care of payroll, they still need to be updated with payroll rules, regulations, and File the correct forms and pay the taxes on time. At the top of all of this you need to purchase the software and update that on the annual bases. will complete your payroll within 60 minutes or less. Our experienced and professional staff works quickly and accurately to process your payroll. Within an hour or less you will receive a confirmation email, text message (or both if you prefer), when you payroll is complete.

Unlike many other payroll companies that rely solely on an automated system to calculate your payroll, our payroll technicians review each payroll entry visually to make sure there are no mistakes. if we see something out of the ordinary, we’ll pick up the phone and call you.