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Customers need attention!  Employees are late!  Paperwork is piling up! Oh no!… it’s payroll again!  With so many things pulling at business owners consistency and processes are very important to the stress level and keeping our sanity. Today, I want to address 3 very important aspects to payroll so you can reach your goals and vision “to the full.”

  1. Processes Help Progress

    • When something doesn’t have “order” we consider it to be in “disorder.” This is what can happen when we don’t have proper processes in our work. When it comes to payroll it is important that employees get paid… on time… every time!  When you are dealing with payroll there are deadlines all throughout the year that must be met. For instance… there’s the pay period itself (weekly or biweekly). Then there are quarterly payments to the IRS. Finally the year end w2’s and/or 1099’s. A great way to assure that these dates are met is to outsource your payroll to a company that can get the job done. This will assure
      Debi McCamish uses Green60 Payroll

      Debi McCamish of Farmers insurance uses Green60 payroll services!

      that employees are happy and your stress levels are at a minimum.

  2. Fingertip Processing

    • Not knowing something is not any fun… especially when it comes to our finances. Do we have enough money to pay our employees? What went out? What is left? So many questions. If you outsource the payroll make sure you have access at your fingertips to all the reports and employee status. Today a few companies are leading the way in APP development to help employers process payroll from their phone, computer or ipad. Outsourcing is a great idea but not having access to vital information is not. Make sure you are in control even when others are processing your payroll.
  3. Access To Live Support

    • Today we are seeing a push to automation. While this can be great… it can also be frustrating when you need help and can’t talk to anyone. At Green60 Payroll you get access to live reps to help you with all your payroll needs. The last thing you need when dealing with apps, computers and ipads is not having access to a live person when you need it.

If you shop around for Payroll services take a moment and look into Green60 Payroll. We offer top of the line service at the most affordable rate in the industry. We have great clients like Debi McCarmish who uses Green60 Payroll to streamline her payroll needs.


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