Payroll Processing CompanyUsing Green60 as your business’ payroll processing company provides you with many benefits, like the time and money you’ll save by placing your payroll needs in capable hands. Other benefits include security, a referral program, environmentally friendly services, and more.

How can a payroll company help me to avoid audits? 

Although you can never guarantee that you won’t get audited by the government, dealing with an audit can definitely be a headache. For this reason, you should take every step that you can to avoid being audited. On your end, that includes avoiding things like hiding income, mixing up your business and personal expenses, and rounding up all your numbers. Instead, you should keep careful records. Part of careful record-keeping involves the use of a trusted payroll company. At Green60, we make sure that all of your accounts and reports are updated, balanced, and error-free to reduce the risk of you experiencing an audit.