Rewards Program:

Green60 Payroll Processing and “ePAYcomp” offers the following rewards to both Agents and Brokers based on the “TERMS & CONDITIONS.”This reward program in only for insurance Brokers and Agents and cannot be combined with any other rewards programs offered by the Green60 Payroll Service and ePAYcomp.


Our reward system is very simple, and points can be redeemed for cash or for certain items once the applicable points requirements are met.

  1. Complete signup sheet and obtain your production code
  2. For any new client you refer to Green60 for payroll processing, you earn TWO points. The new clients may process their payroll weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually. Each point is worth $20.00.
  3. For any new client who signs up for “XactPAY” and uses “ePAYcomp” technology, you earn ONE point (their payroll must be processed by Green60). Each point worth $20.0
  4. Attached is a list of non-cash awards that you can choose to receive in lieu of cash.


Each Broker may act as an agent and receives the Rewards listed above. The Brokers will receive $10.00 cash for any clients their agents refer to use Green60 for their payroll processing and who participate in “XactPAY” and “ePAY comp” technology.

Terms and Conditions:

The following Word or Phrase has the following meanings:

  1. Agent(s) or Broker(s)must have a valid “Production Code” issued by Green60 Payroll Processing or “ePAYcomp.”
  2. Points will be available to redemeded after the client uses Green 60 for their payroll processing for at least for six pay cycles.
  3. For all the cash or non-cash rewards, form W9 is required and form 1099 will be issued to the Agent(s) or Client(s) when Green 60 or “ePAYcomp” issued any rewards valued over $600.00 per year. Broker(s) and Agent(s) are responsible for including the rewards on their income tax return as taxable income.
  4. This rewards program is voided in any states or cities where such rewards are prohibited.
  5. This rewards program cannot be combined with any other rewards which are offered by Green60 Payroll Processing.
  6. At the time of redemption of the rewards, the Broker(s) or Agent(s) should have a valid license from agoverned insurance body.
  7. Redemption Request form should be submitted for any redemption of the rewards. The rewards will be mailed two weeks after Green 60 accounting office receives the request.
  8. At the time of redemption of the awards, availability of the rewards should be feasible.
  9. Rewards will be sent to the address on the Redemption Request form.
  10. Rewards may not be sent to any third party.
  11. In order to get a rewards, a Production Code is required.


  1. Two (2)Disneyland and California theme park passes with $60.00 gift certificate. The certificate could be used for food, souvenirs, and any other items inside the park.Points Required: 20
  2. Movie tickets for two(2) with a $30.00 gift certificate.
    Points Required: 4
  3. SPA at Pelican Hills Report Newport Coast for two (2) plus $120.00 VISA gift certificate.
    Points Required: 24 (Monday through Thursday)
    28 (Friday through Saturday)
  4. Three day, two night cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico for two (2) plus a $100 gift certificate (all food included)
    Points Required: 34
  5. Apple iPad Air 32 GB with Wi-Fi
    Points Required: 24
  6. Apple MaxBook Air (latest model) with 13.3” display – Silver MJVE2LL/A
    IntelCore i5, 4GB memory, 128 GB flash storage
    Points Required: 54
  7. Three day, two night stay for two (2) in Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel, Fireside Garden
    King or two double beds, garden/fireplace view plus a $350.00 gift certificate
    Points Required: 110