Green60 Self-Service Payroll

Multi-Level Management Access is a convenient feature with 4 different levels of access to the system. This allows you to delegate responsibilities without compromising security or sensitive information.Convenience without Compromise

Level 1: Our lowest level of entry. At this level you can enter Employee Hours. Level 1 cannot access payroll reports or W2 information. Your employee records are safe and secure.

Level 2: Allows access to enter Employee Hours, File Dates, Pay Date, Ending Date, Check Register, Pay Register, Current Taxes and YTD taxes. This level is also allowed to print Payroll Checks. The checks may be pre signed.

Level 3: This is the highest level of access and incorporates the previous levels of access. Included in this level is access to Quarterly Reports, Annual Reports and W2s

Level 4: This level allows “auditor access” grants access to YTD and annual reports. This is also a convenience level. In a case of a worker’s comp audit, you can give the auditor this access level and save you the time of pulling these reports.

We at are committed to providing the highest level of service and freedom. The multi level management tools allow delegating easily among others without sacrificing confidentiality. If you would like to have an additional level of management; please contact us and we will set it up at no charge.
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