About us

1 – We answer all your questions.

We speak your language. You need to understand all aspects of the payroll processing, payroll taxes, and deductions. For the past 32 years, we’ve understood that customer service is the best advertising source for each business, no matter how big or small the business is.

2 – We fully comply with federal and state regulations.

We have been trained to stay on top of what happens in world of employer and employee relationships. We are able to process payrolls simple or complicated. If you try us, we are sure you will be happy with your choice. We are friendly and deliver the best customer service available.

3 – Accurate, tax withholding and on-time payment of payroll taxes, 401k, insurance, garnishment and other deductions.

Unlike other companies, we do not touch your money. We pay your taxes at the time they are due. Employee and employer taxes stay in your account until they are due. Or, if you prefer, we can pay them at the time of withholding. We guarantee correct tax withholdings and on-time payment to government agencies.

4 –Service Guarantee.

There is no waiting for couriers to drop off payroll checks. Our turn-around time is 60 minutes or less.  When your payroll is ready, you will receive a text or email. This way, you can use your precious time doing what you enjoy most.

5- Error Detection.

Our team has been trained to look over the hours submitted and if they see any suspicious item they will bring it to your attention. However there is no guaranty that all the error will be detected.   

6 – We like “K-I-S-S”

A college professor once told me, “If you want to be successful, Keep It Simple Sir”. Our software is simple and easy to use. Just go to “Green60.com”, click on login, and enter your username and password. All your information is at your fingertips.


Get more done with our “APP”.  Your employees are a precious gem in your business. They need to be paid for the correct amount of time they worked. Prevent “BUDDY PUNCHING”. Making sure employees’ are where they are supposed to be when clocking in is another time saving approach. The “APP” ensures that the hours worked are correct and GPS technology shows you that they were where they were supposed to be.

8–  The “APP” saves you time and money.

Our “APP” calculates time worked to the minute for each shift/days. It has different options for 8-, 10- and 12 hour employees and even options for overnight employees.

9–  Lunch Time break.

One of most popular law suits in the US involves the 30-minute uninterrupted lunch breaks. Our system is design to not allow employee(s), to check in before their lunch break.  This is a very important and powerful option to protect you as employer because 95% of the lawsuits are about not taking their full lunch break.

10 – Report Business Expenses. 

One of the most important aspects of business is tracking employee business expenses. Through the “APP”, your employee(s) are able to report their expenses to be included in their paycheck as non taxable item.

11 – Sign Time Cards.

By law, each employee has to approve their time sheet. Even if employees are working remotely, through the “APP” it is possible to approve their time sheets. These records will stay in your database indefinitely.

12 – Request time off.

The employees can use the “APP” to request time off or sick time. The records are digitally saved in the system and can be easily retrieved.

13- Provide job allocation.

The “APP” is capable to allocate employee hours to particular jobs for the purpose of job costing.

14- Access to your records

You have access to all your payroll reports for any duration of time 24/7 and 365 day a year. These reports are: Employee Hours Reported, Check Register, Payroll Register, Employee Paystubs, Payroll Taxes, Year to Date Payroll Report. Journal Entries, Form 941 Quarterly Wage Reports, 940 Annual Unemployment Reports, State Reports and all W2’ and W3.