In my opinion, the best testimonials are experience, because reviews given by others can be easily faked. People are hungry for discounts. I had vendors say to me, “if you give a five star review on our **** account, I give you a 10% discount”. This review is not valuable because it is solicited. 

Alternatively, I can ask my friends who do not even have a business to give a good review or testimonial. Again, in my opinion these reviews do not have any values.

Some companies have personal relations with a business or are their competition and put the bad reviews even though that is not right.  Some companies pay a separate company to manage their reviews. They do not let the bad reviews reach to their **** account.  

The review companies are like a “SHARK” and take you hostage for their benefits. . If you do not make them happy, they sort the reviews from worst to the best. You will see the bad one first and never see the good ones. If you make them happy they change it around and show you the best first and the worst at the end. What do you think?

What is the solution?

In the world of payroll services, a good business owner knows how much a review affects the reputation of the entities, they never hurt any business.  They have so many tasks and have no time to give a review. I had seen someone write almost three pages long. What do you think? 

The best way to find a good payroll service is to try them for a short period of time. If you are happy with their service, continue working with them, and if not, leave them. The best way to judge a payroll company is:

* Find out how many years they have been in the business, the longer the better. 
* One should consider whether the company is still using old methods. Like dropping checks to your office, give a printout of all the reports to you to store them? Or a company like us, you submit the payroll online, wait for a text or email that your payroll checks are ready and you may print the check on your desktop. Everything on your portal is digital.
* Choose those companies that just work on  payroll not offer payroll services, sell insurance or investments, and they are real estate agents.also. Stay away from these companies. They are not specialized in any of these fields. 
We at “Green60 Payroll Service, Inc” have been in this business since 1989, I trust myself and my associates. We take care of you, stand behind you, and support you in any way we can. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will gladly issue a full refund with no questions asked.  


The following testimonials are from current and previous clients.  I did not solicit these reviews.
Debi M., CEO: Farmers Insurance Group
“I trust Green60 because they do my payroll right… the first time.
I would recommend them for any business owner.”
Sue A., CEO: Round Table Pizza
“I love Green60. My payroll is always accurate and on time. The staff is great and always available.”

Bob H., Irvine, CA
“I had been using ADP for a few years to do my payroll and ADP is a good service, but they charged me for every little thing, so I went to Green60.com payroll. They only charge me a flat fee of $19.99 and only when I actually use the service. As a small business I don’t always do payroll 2 times a month, but even if I didn’t use ADP at all they still charged me a monthly fee.”


Rose M., Newport Beach, CA
“I’ve been using Green60 for the past 2 1/2 years and it is the best payroll service I have ever used. I am amazed by their service and how every time I call someone picks up the phone immediately. I also liked how it was cheaper than the other services I found. Green60 is great. I’m very happy with their effort. I have recommended them to many of my friends.”


It was about two years ago, I was at the office and one of the payroll clients came in and handed me a notice from the IRS. I looked at it and it was about missing form 941. 

I asked them, would you mind wait for ten minutes I’ll take care of it in front of you. She said “YES ABSOLUTELY”. I went back to my office and since all the reports are uploaded to the client’s portal, I printed and attached to the IRS notice, Place stamp and put the basket to be mail out. 


Please don’t judge ME for the NEXT paragraph. She went to the counter where we always have sweets and water for clients. She took three bottles of water and a handful of sweets and left. Ten minutes later my associated came to me and said, “Sohrab She put a bad review on your **** account”. I called her and asked her why she did that? She said “I was waiting there for ten minutes”. If you were me, what would you say? I thanked her and ended the phone call. Do you think my 32 years of business deserve that?    

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