Our App

We added the “APP” to our Technology to give you more time to spend with your family or business and less time spending with your calculating employee time sheet. For your employee to check in and out using their phone. View their time cards. I know how much time it take to calculate each employee hours of work. It has to be accurate. For regular, overtime and even double time. It should be separated specially for the employee who work overnight.

Your employee can do the following:

  1. Using their phone, Desk top computer or Biometric Time and Attendance machine located at the place of work to register time and out
  2. View in/out time, hours of worked, Regular, overtime and double time
  3. Report employer business expenses
  4. Request for time off either sick, PTO or vacation.
  5. Digitally Sign the time card.
  6. Request some changes on the personal data

You can do:

  1. View all the employee’s in/out and hours of worked, regular, overtime and double time
  2. You can add missed time
  3. Approve their time off request
  4. View the location they check in/out (GPS Technology)
  5. Request for review of their time card and sign it
  6. With click of mouse you may transfer all the hour to Payroll Department to be paid (time saving and accuracy)
  7. Set up the scheduling for each employee
  8. View employee expense report
  9. Job costing and allocation
  10. Set the Lunch break ½ , 1 or 1 ½ lunch break
  11. Restriction on specific location to check in
  12. Chose 8,10 or 12 hours shift employee work hour
  13. Request for additional field for different pay rate
  14. Assign different employee for different tasks
  15. Send text to each employee to view and approve their time

What the system does for you

  1. Real time register each employee in and out
  2. Calculate each period time
  3. Calculate daily hours
  4. Convert hours to decimal (% of 100)
  5. Separate regular, overtime and double time
  6. Restriction on employee check in before their lunch hour is over
  7. Generate reports for any period of time
  8. Send text to each employee to view and approve their time
  9. Keep the records for indefinite time
  10. Prevent buddy punching and cheating on their timecards