Why it makes good sense to have a Human Resources Department
A company’s Human Resources Department is one of the most critical departments in any business. Did you know that a disgruntled employee could, without warning drain your company’s integrity and financial resources by filing a single lawsuit? With this in mind, your secure employee files can work either in your company’s favor or against it. So you should ask yourself, “Should my company maintain secure employee records or not?” Clearly, the answer is yes!

But what about the cost to maintain secure employee files? Obviously the costs would be high. Also bear in mind that having a designated employee on staff who specializes in Human Resources file maintenance would have a very positive effect on your business’ integrity and staffing.

Green60 Human Resources provides an affordable solution to your staffing records and needs

Did you know that Outsourcing your Human Resources and Staffing services can save you thousands of dollars a year?  Green 60 Human Resources can provide this invaluable service to your company at an affordable cost to you.

Why use Green60.com?

Ideally, your company should maintain its employee records separately, and backed up for at least three years, in a secure server location, and in hard copies as well. Also accessibility to these HR records can be costly and time consuming. And Green60.com takes care of all of that for you! No lock box, no wasted time going through files and misplaced documents. And your documents are accessible and transferrable from anywhere, and are acceptable forms of documentation in a court of law.

How much does it cost?

Say for example you have an experienced employee with an hourly rate of “X” dollars per hour. Add on to that employer taxes, workers compensation, work area and equipment costs. It all adds up. Green60.com gets it all done for you without all of the expenditures of having an employee, AND Green60 can process your payroll for you, too!  Please refer to our “Pricing” for our Human Resource Stand-along or Bundle Package.