Dear Hard worker Driver:

I, as Business owner have a proposal for you. You can make $75.00 by just offering the envelope to your passenger or you colleague. How it works? Green 60 is a PAYROLL PROCESSING company with 27 years experience in this field. We would you to do the following:


1 – Pass the BULE envelope to yours passengers. This envelope contained information regarding our business and unique PROMOTION CODE. When they call and sign up for the Payroll Service you will receive $75.00 check from US.

2– Pass on the Yellow envelope to our college (other Driver) and encourage them to sign up for this service. They will receive their own PROMOTION CODE which is attached to yours.  When they pass it to their passenger and they sign up for the payroll service they will receive $60.00 and you will receive $15.00.


There is NO produce to purchase or invest any money to start this process. All you need to do is go to and click on Affiliate and complete the application and one our specialist will call you and start the process. Easy to start and easy to get $75.00.


Feel free to call me if there are any questions at 844-Greeg60 (1-844-473-3660) Thanks


Sohrab Rowshan