Green60 Self-Service Payroll

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The most successful of all master-planned communities, Irvine is the jewel of South Orange County. Home to world-famous University of California Irvine, the city has become the center of technology, business and education for the entire region, and beyond. Besides its large student population, nearly 260,000 people call Irvine home, in master-planned communities, each with their own styles and themes, from Spanish Mission to California Modern. For a city growing in influence and stature, Irvine feels like small town suburbia.
Filled with fine dining and plentiful shopping, Irvine provides all one would ever need, and citizens rarely need to leave the city limits. Irvine is a safe affluent city, with high median incomes and an excellent education system. This is a city that provides all you need, from beauty to convenience.
Known as one of the top cities for start-up businesses and its strong, fast-growing economy, Irvine is a hotbed of employment, especially in the tech and science industries. Companies in Irvine have more important matters to think about than their payroll system. The less you need to bother yourself with paychecks and taxes, the better.
Green60 is a Payroll system that can minimize your work load and red tape and maximize your efficiency and customer satisfaction. We provide each of our clients with an environmentally-safe, paperless Payroll Service that is customized to their individual needs and combines human innovation with advanced technology to result in speed, accuracy, and 100% security. You will have no more hassles with payroll taxes, no more late or incomplete checks, no more piles of paperwork, and no more complicated code to learn that gets between you and a thriving business.
We are equipped to handle net earnings, tax calculations, payroll registers, w2s, w4s, w9s, and reports at whatever interval you need (weekly, biweekly, semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually). Our premier payroll service is top-notch: in less than 60 minutes, your payroll checks will be ready to be printed, signed and delivered to your employees – or deposited directly into their accounts. Economy. Security. Simplicity.
Irvine is poised to become a major contributor to the world of tomorrow. In medicine, in education, in technology, in business. Every business or every size needs every advantage to help business flourish. Let us take the wheel and take care of your payroll system so that you and your employees can concentrate on building a better world.