• Another way to pay to your Employees is “CASH CARDS”. “CASH CARDS” have several definitions. One is “ATM” card as issued by banks and connected to your saving or checking account. It used at any “ATM” machines to draw on available funds or may be used at any merchant to purchase goods.

  • They may call it DEBIT CARD”. Most people use “ATM” cards in lieu of writing a check. Most businesses (merchants) like this type of the card since they get immediate credit and it prevents them having items returned later. “CASH CARDS” are very popular these days and may be used as “CREDIT CARDS” also. Another advantage is, they cannot be overdrawn and the information cannot distributed easily.

  • The most important it is:”FREE” for both employee and employer. At www.Green60.com we have contracted with a very large and reputable company to provide “CASH CARDS” at no charge to the employer and employee.

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