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Systems are great for holding things together. A good system will make things run more smoothly… a bad system can cause chaos, confusion and frustration. I have seen first hand great business owners, who love their employees, experience added stress in relationships. One main reason is the system they are using my not be clear, difficult to follow or not well thought out. At Green60 our highest goal is to create systems that are easy to follow, run smoothly and help businesses of all types. Our services also have a great system in place to help businesses run smoothly.

Here are our core services:Payroll Processing Company

  1. PAYROLL PROCESSING – Our payroll system is cloud-based and offers employers a simple way to submit their payroll from any device. We will set up your dashboard, employees and apps and all you do is submit the hours… we will handle the rest.
  2. HR MANAGEMENT – We have place all the most important forms needed for businesses online. When you sign up for an account you will have all the tools and HR forms you will need to grow your business. It’s all in the cloud.
  3. TIME AND ATTENDANCE MACHINE – If you want to add on our Integrated Time and Attendance Machine to your payroll it is easy. Employees can simply sign in/out with their fingerprint. Their hours will automatically be sent to Green60. You can review your employee hours from our smartphone app or your computer.

We also offer the most affordable Workers Compensation Insurance and if you are hiring people from overseas we now offer Government E-verify. Working with Green60 you will find a simple system to help make your business run smoothly.


The Green60 Team