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The truth is enthusiasm is vitally important the success of a company. When employees are excited about their job and the vision of their company an atmosphere of productivity will be present. Listen, seeds produce fruit. Without a seed there will be no harvest. In a similar manner the seeds of productivity is enthusiasm.

The greatest bankruptcy for a business is the lack of enthusiasm.

But how do you develop an atmosphere of enthusiasm from your employees?  Now that is a good question.

Here are 3 ways to create the right atmosphere:

  1. Develop a clear vision – The other day I was trying to look cool by wearing my sunglasses. However, I noticed there was a crack in the lens. No matter where I looked everything had a crack in it. My vision was impaired. The truth is many companies suffer because their vision is impaired. Their vision is not clear and their employees are unsure of what they are trying to accomplish. One way to bring back enthusiasm to the workplace is to make the vision clear.Payroll Processing Service
  2. Develop clear goals – Workers need a sense of accomplishment. The best way to help create the right atmosphere is to set clear obtainable goals for employees. I remember early on in my career that I assumed an employee of mine new what I wanted. I mean, they worked with me 5 days a week… 8 hours a day… surely they knew what I wanted. Well, I conveyed to them that I wanted them to put together an onboarding process that would be inline with our vision. The employee meant well for sure… but the results were far from the vision I had for our onboarding process. Listen, it is important that we don’t expect our employees to know what is in our heart and head. We must lead them. There is a difference between a manager and a leader. A manager maintains a standard. Nothing changes… it just gets managed. A leader however not only manages people but also leads them to do better. How? By settings… showing them how… and leading them into the vision.
  3. Rewards and Encouragement – The truth is people learn better under an environment of learning. It is vitally important to create a learning environment where people can grow, learn and step into a greater level of their career. As employers we must help them by setting the environment. One way to foster health and growth is to set a reward system and a system of encouragement. Employees need a challenge and a reward. In other words, once they fulfill the challenge they get a reward for their hard work. Companies that don’t have a proper reward system tend to stay at status quo… companies that reward their employees see greater productivity and enthusiasm from their employees.

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