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KEY 1: Put Your Software In The Cloud

The old days of having your bookkeeping software on your desktop has come to an end. A new day has downed in the cloud. Today the internet has become a security system that can protect data better than the old days of desktop software. When financials are on desktop or laptop… it is vulnerable to theft and hackers… a computer can be stolen or even broken into and hackers can hack into a personal computer much easier than they can a cloud based encrypted site. When you think about bookkeeping we must also think about security. No one wants to hire a bookkeeper who can’t keep their financial data, and clients, safe from theft and hackers. Today “the cloud” is a safer way to secure data to give a greater sense of confidence of security. While not full proof it is much safer than desktop software.

In this fast paced society we live in “access” is important. In other words, it is nice to be able to access your financial “anytime, anywhere, and anyway.” Cloud based software gives you the access you need on any device twenty four hours a day and three hundred and sixty five days a year.

With these two elements in place you can rest knowing there is security over your finances and you can rest knowing that you have access to your data and reports 24/7. There are a lot of great cloud based software companies out there for the “do it yourself’er.”  However, as we will learn in the next point, there is also ways to outsource your bookkeeping and get the same results… and save you time.

KEY 2: Don’t Let Your Books Take Center Stage To Your Vision

When building or running a business it is vitally important that you “keep the main thing… the main thing.”  What is the main thing… the vision and having enough time to work on it. Businesses rise and fall due to their ability to keep focused on the vision of their company. With this in mind… there will be many things trying to pull you away from the vision. Paperwork! Bookkeeping! Administrative duties! and More!  UGGGG All these “necessary” duties can pull us away from reaching new customers and clients with our product or service.  One way to overcome this “pull” is to outsource your bookkeeping and payroll. By outsourcing this responsibility you can save yourself much needed time and money to work on the vision you have for your organization. You will be assured the work is being done correctly.


KEY 3: Reduce The Stress By Streamlining The Process

Processes can save us much needed time and relieve us from much stress. Every morning I have a process of getting ready for my day. I have to wake up 1 1/2 hours before I actually leave my home to go to work. The first thing I do is “put the coffee on.” Yes, a good cup of “Joe” helps me start a good day. Then I turn my computer on. Then I get my lunch ready, turn the shower on, hang my clothes up on the hanger, shower and get dressed… I then get my coffee and sit down at my computer to arrange my day with items I will need to complete. Then out the door for work. This process helps me streamline what is needed to get to work on time and perform well.

Business also need “processes” that will help them “do well.”  When things are chaotic we are more stressed… when things run smooth we are more at peace.  As mentioned early… we must learn to outsource job duties that will cost us less money to do so and save us time to work on the vision. Some things you can outsource are:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Administration

Take away the stress so you can do your best! A great company that can help you in your outsourcing efforts is Green60. This company not only offers $19.99 per payroll for up to 5 employees but offers exceptional customer service and cloud based solutions. Whatever you do… Put your software in the cloud, don’t let your books take center stage to your vision and reduce the stress by streamlining the process.


Your Green60 Team