• Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that covers wage replacement and medical benefits in the event of a workplace injury in return the Employee relinquishes the right to sue. The tradeoff between assured limited coverage and lack of recourse outside the system is known as the compensation bargain.

  • While plans differ provisions can be made for weekly compensation in place of wages, payment of medical expenses (works like health insurance) or payment to dependents (works like life insurance).

  • At Paycheck we look after our client’s interest. We recommend that you buy a policy that starts a day before your new employee starts working.

  • Pay-as-you-go type is a type of payment for insurance premium. This allows you to pay your premium when you process your Payroll. In this way you pay a smaller amount each time instead of a larger amount all at once. The disadvantage to this is that the companies that offer these types of policies usually charge a higher rate for them.

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