With most Payroll Services you go to your computer, report your Employee Hours and then have to wait a day to receive the Paycheck. This process is time consuming and costly. Included in your service fee is delivery of the Paychecks to you. Today many things can be done online for example paying bills, banking and getting directions. Why not do Payroll Online?
With www.Green60.com you can login and report Employee Hours from anywhere and in less than 60 minutes receive a text or emails letting you know that the payroll is done and ready. You can then approve the Payroll and www.Green60.com will prepare your Payroll Direct Depositor you can print your own Payroll Checks right from your desktop computer. This is faster, more time efficient and more cost effective. Payroll is done, with no waiting and no pesky security questions to answer and it is all done paperless.
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