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Mike – I have been using this patrol service and it has saved me of time and I could not be happier. Mr Roshan is the best. 

Mo S.- We had a great experience with our payroll and account Always on time and accurate. The stuff is great with answering our questions and always on point.  We Recommend them to anyone searching for payroll and accounting. They are one of the best in town. 

Anna D. – Best payroll service. I have been using Green60 payroll for more than 5 years. It is easier and more convenient than the others

Easy Process

Check out how easy the process is: A – Enter your username and password. B – Submit your staff hours into the system. C – Then view details of each employee’s hours, earnings and paycheck stub. Finally, verify the check or direct deposit amount and Print payroll checks on your desktop printer or Click the approval button to verify the direct deposit amount. It’s easier than 1-2-3! gives you access to all past and present payroll reports. These reports are just a click away. For your convenience, your payroll can be processed weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually. If you need help, just call our toll free number,(866) 840-3400, and speak with a customer service representative.

Our Specialization is a Payroll system designed for ease of use and tailored to our clients’ needs. values its clients and their needs above all else. Everything we do is predicated on service – making sure our clients are more than satisfied with each project. We are always glad to offer you a consultation at no charge and no obligation.


24 Facts You Should Know

Before You Sign Up With Any Payroll Processing Company.

Why Businesses Depend on Green60

Why 100’s of Small Businesses Depend on for their Payroll Processing.

The Green60 Welcome Package

Thank you for considering for your payroll processing needs..

Why Choose Green60?

Typically, in less than 60 minutes, your payroll checks are ready to be printed, signed and delivered to your employees – or deposited directly into their accounts.Green60 offers a 60% cost saving over standard payroll processing methods.Only personnel authorized by you can access your payroll data.Your entire payroll can be completed online. You don’t have to deal with the hassles that come with pickup and delivery of paperwork, and you have no deadlines to meet.


It is a busy world with people on the go. Why not make Payroll easier too!

With free I phone and android apps you now have “payroll in your pocket”. Admission to your Green 60 account from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a cell phone connection you have access to your account.


Pricing plans

We back our secure and convenient service with guaranteed low prices. We encourage you to shop around and if you find a lower quote for equal services we will give you two months free service and match the quote by adjusting our pricing. Our fees are based on any time we process the Payroll. For some companies that they do not have regular Payroll Processing, we will not charge them. This is another advantage of Most Payroll companies will charge you even though you do not process the Payroll regularly.

Base Payroll Process Fee (each payroll time) $19.99 (up to one state)
Check Printing (monthly) FREE
Multiple State (Each State) $10.00
Setup FREE
New Employee Hires, Terminations $1.00 (per employee)
Direct Deposit (please allow 15 business days for setup) $1.00 (per employee, per payroll)
Additional Deductions such as:  
401k, Wage Garnishment, Insurance, etc. .50 (per employee)
Quarterly Reports FREE
Annual Reports FREE