Set-up means to create an account for you in our system. Sometimes businesses use this option to increase revenue. Many Payroll companies do the same thing. It is a smart way to charge additional fees and then they turn around and waive the fees to make them look good. This is an advertising tactic and playing games. You need a company that is honest, won’t play games and provides excellent service. They should put more emphasis on providing excellent service and more freedom rather than offering services that you may never use. At we don’t play games. We offer free set up. We would like to have your business. We care about your time, your business and at the same time our business. Give us a chance; try our service free for a month we would be happy to serve you. If you are not happy we will reimburse you for the cost of returning to your previous Payroll Service. This is a guarantee from our office. We believe that once you try our service and see how easy and efficient it is and the features that we offer that you will stay with us and enjoy the excellent service provided. Click for Free QuoteMore Information