Check out how easy the process is:

A – Enter your username and password.
B – Submit your staff hours into the system.
C – Then view details of each employee’s hours, earnings and paycheck stub.

Finally, verify the check or direct deposit amount
Print payroll checks on your desktop printer
Click the approval button to verify the direct deposit amount.

It’s easier than 1-2-3! gives you access to all past and present payroll reports. These reports are just a click away. For your convenience, your payroll can be processed weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually. If you need help, just call our toll free number, (866) 840-3400, and speak with a customer service representative.
We recommend that you open a separate bank account for your Payroll Processing – an account that would handle only payroll processing and related tax and withholding transactions. This would help eliminate potential fraud and give you more control over your Payroll Processing.