Direct Deposit is an easy and convenient way to pay your Employees. It is environmentally friendly because less paper is used. The money is deposited directly into the Employee’s bank account. This bypasses the need to print checks and hand them out in a timely way. It is also more convenient for your Employee. They no longer need to take their lunch hour to go make a bank deposit. Usually a paycheck is mailed or picked up at the company office. The problem with this is sometimes the Paycheck do not arrive on time or get lost in the mail.

    To start using direct deposit you will need three things.

  • First you need the bank Routing Number (this is the 9 digit number at the bottom of your check). This identifies the name and location of the bank that you use.

  • The second thing that you will need is the bank account number. This is the number that links to the bank Routing Number.

  • The third thing that you need is the bank’s address. This is used to verify your checking account and account number.

  • At we have an option to send the direct payments to your Employee’s bank account. This is safe, efficient and timely. We are more than happy to sign you up for this service at no charge. Completed applications are forwarded to our direct deposit vendor and take about 12 days to go through. We also have the option to print checks and Pay Stubs to send to you by US mail or other delivery method or to provide blank Pay Stubs for printing and then write the manual check.