3 ways to increase productivity at work

The truth is enthusiasm is vitally important the success of a company. When employees are excited about their job and the vision of their company an atmosphere of productivity will be present. Listen, seeds produce fruit. Without a seed there will be no harvest. In a similar manner the seeds of productivity is enthusiasm. The…


Payroll You Can Trust

Payroll consists of a lot of moving parts. Correct taxes… correct employee hours… correct entry… correct reports… correct tax submission. At Green60 we take away all the confusion and make payroll simple. We do all the work for you and include many add on services for one low price. Give us a call or contact…


Payroll To The Full

3 WAYS TO NOT STRESS OVER PAYROLL Customers need attention!  Employees are late!  Paperwork is piling up! Oh no!… it’s payroll again!  With so many things pulling at business owners consistency and processes are very important to the stress level and keeping our sanity. Today, I want to address 3 very important aspects to payroll…


Time and Attendance Machines Are Taking Business Back 2 The Future

THE TIME MACHINE TREND IS TAKING US BACK TO THE FUTURE A trend that has been taking over the small business world is Time and Attendance Machines. Business owners are seeing a great value in streamlining employee relations and productivity. Today’s new Time and Attendance Machines provide a way for employers to be more involved…


3 Team Building Ideas To Increase Motivation and Sales

Today many hire outside sources to help in their marketing efforts while in house their employees lack morale, motivation and clear objectives. One way to cause your company to become a smooth running… motivated sales team is to make the workplace a visionary dream wonderland. Before you check out take a moment and consider what…


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3 Keys To Efficient Bookkeeping

KEY 1: Put Your Software In The Cloud The old days of having your bookkeeping software on your desktop has come to an end. A new day has downed in the cloud. Today the internet has become a security system that can protect data better than the old days of desktop software. When financials are…


How to calculate payroll

Payroll can be very confusing. How much to withhold? How much to pay? Who pays what? Here is a great article on “How to process payroll.” At Green60 we recommend outsourcing your payroll. We offer a simple $19.99 for up to 5 employees. AN ARTICLE FROM “WIKI HOW:” Your payroll process starts with collecting wage…


Website Optimization and Payroll



3 keys to super fast payroll processing

Payroll can be so confusing!  Ugggg!  Well that is the only sound I can think of when trying to figure out how much we keep, how much we give, and what is owed. But Payroll shouldn’t be something that discourages you. Listen, business is at hand and fulfill the company goals and vision need to…


Outsource Payroll

There is so much to know about payroll. So many companies get bogged down in the mud of trying to figure out payroll and keeping up with all the laws that seem to constantly change. How do we do the I-9? How do we withhold garnishments? Who do we pay and what? These are the…


There’s No “I” in Team

Service should be the highest priority of any business. Serving starts from the top down… or bottom up! When a leader takes a serving role to their team the team will become a service oriented tool to bring in new clients. I once heard a story of a business order that said “all my employees look…