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Investment has different meanings in finance and economics.

In finance, investment is putting money into an asset with the expectation of capital appreciation, usually over the long-term future. This may or may not be backed by research and analysis. Most or all forms of investment involve some form of risk, such as investment in equities, property, and even fixed interest securities which are subject, inter alia, to inflation risk.

In economics, investment is related to saving and deferring consumption. Investment is involved in many areas of the economy, such as business management and finance whether for households, firms, or governments. Investment is based on the two factors one the Time and The amount of risk is involved or expectations from investment in the future.

In contrast putting money into something with a hope of short-term gain, with or without thorough analysis, is gambling or speculation. This category would include most forms of derivatives, which incorporate a risk element without being long-term homes for money, and betting on horses. It would also include purchase of e.g. a company share in the hope of a short-term gain without any intention of holding it for the long term. Under the efficient market hypothesis, all investments with equal risk should have the same expected rate of return: that is to say there is a trade-off between risk and expected return. But that does not prevent one from investing in risky assets over the long term in the hope of benefiting from this trade-off. The common usage of investment to describe speculation has had an effect in real life as well: it reduced investor capacity to discern investment from speculation, reduced investor awareness of risk associated with speculation, increased capital available to speculation, and decreased capital available to investment.

At, we provide limited information regarding Investment or Finance. is NOT and Investment Broker and we do not offer or sell any Investment products. We have contracted with several reputable companies who offer these types of the services. As a payroll service provider we are more than happy to work with your agent to facilitate this process. Through our payroll system we can deduct and transfer the designated funds from your account to the investment company. Please click on “MORE INFORMATION” link and submit your information someone will get back to you shortly.