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A full time employee spends 40+ hours a week working for their employer. Much of their life is spent in the office, in the field or working in their home office. This is important to note as employees are looking for ease of access to their hours, upcoming pay and more. To remedy this need of employees a new trend has arose in the past few years known as ESS.  According to Wikipedia the definition for EFF is as follows:

Employee selfservice (ESS) is web-based applications that provide employees with access to their personal records and payroll details. ESS features include allowing employees to change their own contact details, family members and banking information and benefits.
Many companies are moving toward an ESS system and looking to Green60 Payroll services for helping streamline this process. Green60 offers many solutions to small and medium sized businesses to help with ESS. Below is a list of services Green60 offers to Businesses:
Payroll Service Providers

Visit for more information and see how Green60 payroll processing services can help you with ESS.